BC OneCard

BC OneCard

Last Updated 2014/04/24

BC OneCard Policies: BC OneCard patrons may borrow up to 5 items at one time including books, magazines, audiovisual items, audio/music tapes and CD’s.    

Kootenay Library Federation

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Special Collections

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Last Updated 2014/04/21

The copier is self serve and is open to the public for use; cost for copies is $.25 per regular or legal-sized sheet up to 20 copies, with subsequent copies […]

Computers & Printing

Last Updated 2014/03/27

Internet We offer free Internet access; with 3 computer stations, loaded with many of the latest software to suit your needs (MS Word, MS Excel, etc), as well as access […]


Last Updated 2014/07/07

If you weren’t able to find the item you wanted in our catalogue, you can find it elsewhere in BC using Illume, a catalogue for all BC libraries. If you find […]


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Kids programming.


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Summer Reading Club Teen Reading Club

Provincial Services

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