Borrow from Other Libraries

Last Updated 2014/09/18

There may be times when you want to borrow from another BC Library: You happen to be visiting another BC Library. You couldn’t find what you were looking for in your home library. Visiting Other BC Libraries If you’re on the road and find yourself in another BC public library, you can easily borrow items.

Searching Illume

Last Updated 2014/07/07

Access Illume Click the Illume link. When Illume appears, if prompted, click Begin to enter the catalogue, otherwise start your search.

How To …

Last Updated 2020/05/12

Manage Your Library Account Search the Catalogue and Use My Account to Place Holds and Check Fines Sign up for a library card Download eBooks, audioBooks & music About the eBook and audioBook service Compatible devices eBooks: download to your computer eBooks: download to a tablet or smartphone eBooks: transfer to an eReader eBooks: download


Last Updated 2016/06/03

Looking for… Books, Movies, Magazines, Music, Books on CD and more? Search our library’s catalogue. If it’s not at our library, find it at another library by searching through BC’s library catalogue, Illume. Request it and have it delivered to our library. You can also check the Interlibrary Connect catalogue for items.  Visit our Borrow